What Makes Us The Best Pawn Shop In Atlanta?

A standard “we buy gold” store? Never!


All our Atlanta-based clients already know — there’s a lot that sets The Gold ATM apart from other, typical pawn shops and gold buying shops. We don’t really relish in bragging about our own accomplishments, and we rather leave the praising to our satisfied clientele. That is why we have more than 300 five-star reviews on Google.


Being the highest-reviewed pawn shop in Atlanta doesn’t automatically make us the best — but here’s what does. Take a look at all that The Gold ATM has to offer.



Most Trustworthy Pawn Shop and Gold Buyer


Falling on hard times is nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve all been there — sometimes we just need some extra cash. And at times like these, we might consider pawning or selling some of our valuable items. The Gold ATM has helped thousands of Atlanta-based customers get out of a sticky financial situation.


There’s no shame in asking for help. By providing low-interest pawn loans for gold and diamond jewelry, as well as luxury items such as watches and handbags, we have assisted many customers. What’s more, to further accommodate our clients’ needs, we set our interest rates as low as 5%.



What sets The Gold ATM apart?


We are not your run of the mill store. In fact, we are very different from other brick and mortar pawn shops. We operate in an extremely secure high-office setting. Therefore, the atmosphere we have been cultivating for many years is sheltered and pressure-free. We have no expectations from any of our clients, nor do we demand they make a deal with us at any point.


However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t competitive. We like keeping our business strong and at the very top. Therefore, we will match any offer you can get from any of our competitors. That’s our guarantee, as the number one diamond buyer in Buckhead — any deal another diamond broker, luxury watch buyer, or gold buyer can make you, we will meet it and even exceed it. Our clients deserve to get the best possible deal for their gold, diamonds, luxury watches, handbags, or any other items they are willing to part with.



What can the Gold ATM do for YOU?


Sometimes you need a stellar piece of jewelry to gift to a loved one. Maybe you’re looking for a future memento or an engagement ring? The Gold ATM can provide you with an opportunity to browse and choose a gorgeous diamond engagement ring that will be the perfect fit, for a fraction of the original price.


Imagine dropping down to one knee with an original Vera Wang engagement ring in hand — your loved one will swoon over it, but not before getting the chance to seal the deal and say “YES.”  Well, you can achieve that fantastic effect at 65% OFF the original retail price. Visit The Gold ATM — where dreams do come true.


For more information about our low-interest pawn loans and about the items we buy, please visit our website or contact us by phone on 770-843-4653.