Where to Sell Your Luxury Bag

So, you have an old Louis Vuitton coach bag lying around? Or is it Marc Jacobs? Perhaps Michael Kors? Gucci?


Well, whoever designed it, if it’s not in your hands all the time, it’s time to part with it. Doing so will not only make room for a new luxury bag in your closet but will also bring you some money.


For ladies who are wondering where to sell their luxury bags, Gold ATM has some wonderful news.


The Most Trusted Luxury Buyer in Atlanta


We’ve already earned the reputation of Atlanta’s most trusted buyer of gold, diamonds, fine jewelry, and luxury watches.


It’s no secret that we offer not only great prices but also a pressure-free environment to our clients. Here at Gold ATM, there’s absolutely no pressure on you to sell your luxury items.


What’s more, we are highly praised as the go-to place for pawn loans and luxury loans. We’ve earned numerous five-star reviews as luxury lenders, mainly thanks to our interest rates that go as low as 5%.


Now that we’ve proven to be more than a simple “We Buy Your Gold” store, we decided it was time to expand the range of services we offer.


By the End of 2018…


We plan to begin buying and selling luxury handbags. We’re opening our office doors to bags signed by Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Michael Kors, Gucci… You name it.


Much like when we’re buying gold, diamonds, or luxury watches, we intend to offer the best selling rates to our potential clients.


You’re Not Sure Your Bag Is Authentic?


Seeing as we’re aiming to become the highest reviewed luxury bag buyer in Atlanta, we want to ensure that both our sellers and our buyers are in contact with authentic products. So we offer one additional service.


Customers who are unsure of their bags’ authenticity can still bring them to our office. Before offering a price on any bag, we’ll run authenticity tests to check whether the bag is the real deal.


So, If You Have an Old Luxury Coach Bag Lying Around…


You can bring it to our main office, located at 400 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1500, Atlanta, GA 30339.


Even though we plan to start buying and selling luxury bags sometime within the next three months, we’ll be more than happy to take yours off your hands right now. On top of that, we’ll offer a great price for it.


Let nearly 300 five-star reviews on Google and Yelp convince you to bring your luxury handbag to Gold ATM’s high-rise office so that we can find it a new home together.