Why Is Gold a Bad Investment & Why You Should Sell

It seems like there’s a widespread opinion that gold is a good investment. However, in today’s economy, we can see a number of signs that point to exactly the opposite. The reality is that now is the perfect time to cash in on all gold valuables we have.


It’s Time to Sell Your Gold

And here’s why:


  • Poor long-term returns


Robert R. Johnson, principal at the Fed Policy Investment Research Group, and his colleagues stated that gold, despite its celebrated status as a hedge against inflation, underperforms equities in all interest rate environments.


  • No set worth


If we were to estimate a value of a company, we’d do it based on forecasts of future earnings and the growth of earnings. However, gold has no earnings. What’s more, to hold onto gold, we might have to insure it, which would result in additional costs.


Supply and demand determine the value of gold, and those are very hard to predict.


  • No periodic cash flows


When we invest in stocks, apart from keeping our equity in a growing company, we receive stock dividends over the years. On the other hand, investing in gold has no such benefits – we won’t receive any dividends or coupon payments.


  • Little actual utility


Silver, for example, is frequently used in products such as electronics, solar panels, and medical devices. Gold, however, isn’t particularly useful when it comes to industrial use.


  • Gold’s inefficient


Lastly, gold is extremely inefficient. As we tend to collect it, we thus have to handle storage costs, as well as security costs. Plus, there’s the whole thing about tax.

Sell Gold at The Gold ATM


With all that has been said above, we are sure that you understand why it’s better to sell your gold valuables sooner rather than later. If you own gold jewelry, gold rings, gold bars, gold coins, or any type of fine jewelry made of gold, you can bring them to The Gold ATM.


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