Why You Should Sell Your Tiffany Jewelry

Nothing says luxury like Tiffany and Co. jewelry does. In fact, every woman appreciates a classy piece from the iconic brand. But what if you have some Tiffany pieces that you never wear? Maybe you own a piece that reminds you of the times you wish you could forget. In those cases, it might be smart to consider selling.


Parting ways with our jewelry can be hard, especially if it’s worth a lot. However, sometimes it’s best to let go, both for our peace of mind and for your wallet.


For instance, if we have received a piece as inheritance, we might feel reluctant to give it away, even if we never wear it and it’s not our style. Still, if we are keeping the piece only because we feel the obligation to do so, and it has nothing to do with the actual memories of the person who gifted it, then we should sell.


Also, if we are holding on to our wedding band and engagement ring long after getting a divorce, it could be a good idea to consider parting ways with those rings since they may constantly revoke painful memories. Not only will we get rid of items that remind us of our failed marriage, but we will also earn something in the process.


How and Where to Sell?


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