Don’t let our name fool you. The Gold ATM specializes in buying all types of jewelry. Our diamond buyers understand the inherent value and quality of diamonds, and our expert appraisers can accurately assess your diamond. This level of commitment to excellence allows us to offer you the best price for your diamonds in a safe, convenient and friendly environment. So if you have diamonds or fine diamond jewelry you want to sell, please call us today for a risk free no obligation estimate.

All diamonds have value. Often, they are worth more than gold. If you wish to sell diamonds loose or in a setting, we will buy them from you at the highest price in Atlanta. Our expert appraisers are trained to evaluate your diamonds and will explain the valuation process.

First, we can start with the four Cs – carat, cut, color, and clarity. These four descriptors of diamonds were developed by the Gemological Institute of America (often known as the GIA) in 1953 as internationally recognized standard to evaluate diamonds characteristics. Other characteristics also influence the value and appearance of a gem diamond. These include physical characteristics such as the presence of florescence as well as the diamond’s source and which gemological institute evaluated the diamond.

If we are interested in buying your diamond, an offer is made immediately. You are under no obligation to sell after receiving our offer, and we do not charge a fee to meet with you. Please bring a driver’s license with you for identification. You will be paid immediately if you decide to accept our offer to buy. You are under no obligation if you decide you do not want to sell.