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The Gold ATM has also earned the title of ‘Atlanta’s Best Diamond Buyer’ thanks to our 200 plus five-star reviews. Our commitment to providing excellence and honesty is what matters most to both us and our clients.


We are expert gemologists who take satisfaction in educating our customers while providing highly detailed appraisals of any diamond presented to us, regardless of age, size or condition. We answer all questions throughout the appraisal process and are able to make an immediate offer on your diamond at the end of each evaluation. All of our private appraisals take place in a safe and secure high-rise office setting, and there is absolutely no pressure to sell or take out a loan on your diamond.

National Diamond Buying Network

The Gold ATM is also part of a national network of diamond buyers. Within minutes of sending out your diamond’s specs to diamond buyers throughout the country, we will have several offers for you to compare on the spot.


So whether you have a loose diamond or a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry, The Gold ATM is here to help you sell your diamond at the highest diamond price nationwide. If you have questions on “How To Sell Your Diamond”, or “How To Sell Your Engagement Ring”, or are wondering “Who Buys Engagement Rings”, please do not hesitate to call us and ask any diamond buying questions.

Our Process


Bring your diamond – loose or still in its setting – to either of our safe and secure locations. Click here to view our locations.


Meet with one of our expert gemologists for your FREE, no obligation diamond appraisal.


Learn all there is to know about your diamond and receive an offer for it on-the-spot. Remember, there is absolutely no pressure to sell to us or take out a loan on your diamond.


Choose to accept our offer or continue your search for the best price in Atlanta (If you can find one, we’ll be happy for).

What are the 4C’s?



The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance. Put simply, the better a diamond is cut, the more sparkle it will have.


Learn More About Cut



Almost all diamonds have tiny imperfections. Diamonds with few or no imperfections receive the highest clarity grades.


Learn More About Clarity


A diamond’s color grade refers to the lack of color. The more colorless the diamond, the higher quality grade it will receive.


Learn More About Color


This is the term with which people are most familiar, but bear in mind that carat is specifically a measure of a diamond’s weight.


Learn More About Carat

Other Criteria Includes…



Shape describes a diamond’s form, mostly from a top view, and all shapes (round, princess, radiant, etc.) have different attributes.


Learn More About Shape



Unbiased diamond grading reports are offered with every Blue Nile diamond.


Learn More About Certification

The 4Cs are four descriptors of diamonds – Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight – developed by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). To learn more about the 4Cs, be sure to check out our video ‘The 4Cs In 2 Minutes’.

Call us now to schedule a confidential meeting with one of our trusted jewelry buyers in our safe offices. Walk-in’s are welcome.

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Not sure you want to part with your jewelry, we also offer jewelry loans for those who need cash fast don’t want to lose something valuable.  For more information on loans and our free appraisal check out our loans page or give us a call now!


Please bring a driver’s license with you for identification.  The offer will be paid immediately if you decide to accept.  You are under no obligation if you decide you do not want to sell.